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cool partner from poland

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fink’s story

FINK is a premium brand with a selection of home accessories for both residential and commercial spaces. It embodies simplicity, functionality and sublime aesthetics. The combination of timeless design, surprising forms and raw materials makes it unique and long-lasting. All products in the brand’s portfolio are designed to be mixed together to achieve interesting and consistent results.


We strongly believes that everyday objects should be aesthetically pleasant but also functional. All products from the brand’s portfolio complement modern interior with compelling and eye-catching detail that can be filled with unique home stories. Brand offers a wide selection of bathroom accessories as well as shelves, hangers, small tables and mirrors in various sizes and selected colors that will fit many decor styles.


Products are made of high quality steel, aluminium and brass. We use top quality powder paint that gives elegant mat finishing and fine structure. Bathroom collection is made of stainless steel which makes it fully water resistant.


Our brand is strongly focused on sustainability. All items are made locally in Poland making sure that working conditions are ethical and fair. Most products are fully recyclable but their excellent quality makes them last for a long time. We are eliminating from packaging as much plastic as possible and replacing it with reusable materials.

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