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cool designer from belgium

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jean-pierre’s story

After graduating as a product designer in Belgium in 1983, Jean-Pierre started working with Axel Enthoven and his renowned Belgian product and design studio IDEA. In 1989, Axel Enthoven invited Jean-Pierre to become a partner and senior design consultant and ENTHOVEN ASSOCIATES DESIGN CONSULTANTS” was founded, later renamed YELLOW WINDOW. As a senior design consultant and partner, Jean-Pierre has been involved in hundreds of design products for the widest range of industrial and consumer products ranging from plumbing, consumer electronics, public transportation, outdoor, public and residential furniture designs, luggage and more, primarily for European and Asian clients , but also for customers in North and South America. Since 1991 until now responsible for all Asian clients for Enthoven Associates Design Consultants and later Yellow Window, as business development director and client manager. Jean-Pierre also earned a wide range of international design awards. In 2009 Jean-Pierre leaves the partnership at Yellow Window, but has since continued to work together on a project basis, mainly for the Asian market and since then has also worked as a freelance designer for several international clients. Co-founder COOLDESIGNITEMS in 2021, responsible for product design and production follow-up of own products.

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