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jan’s story

Passion, style, personality, precision, functionality, purism, zeitgeist, beauty, uniqueness, craftsmanship


Jan Philippi sees beauty in things and he puts it into practice. Straightforward and with its very own signature. He gives answers to the challenges of our life and stable products for a changing world. Products that win hearts and that you like to give to others or to yourself.


A Hanseatic who loves design


The Hamburg export merchant Jan Philippi has long had a preference for clear shapes. But first he had to deal with the sale of hi-fi equipment in a Hanseatic trading company. He quickly realized that some of these products really disappointed him: they had no design claims whatsoever. Jan Philippi tried to improve and embellish something here, because hi-fi systems, he said, can also look good.

At the end of the 1980s, the demand for consumer goods in Germany increased and Jan Philippi traveled to many countries on behalf of a company, where he made contacts with competent companies. At that time, however, quantity instead of quality was required - a trend that, as a friend of quality products, he did not want to follow. Disappointed with the taste of the time, he found a courageous solution: the path to self-employment.


Two shops and one ideal


In 1992 Jan Philippi opened two shops in Hamburg and stocked them with goods that came close to his ideal of simple, clear and modern design items. With fresh ideas, suggestions from many trips and an unerring instinct for good design, he tracked down companies that were able to put his design visions into practice. Spurred on by this progress, he soon dared to move from retail to wholesale.

As the company's creative head, Jan Philippi has since inspired his designers, working with them precisely and with great attention to detail on the designs until they were ready for the market. He was particularly interested in promoting young designers. It has stayed that way to this day: The boss continues to support young talents and attaches great importance to good cooperation with creative people and manufacturers. He still experiences all the processes involved in the creation of form intensively, takes care of every single customer and considers humanity to be an important corporate principle.


Once around the world


But the small north German startup company has now become an internationally renowned brand with around 500 products, for which 25 employees work in Germany and numerous foreign representations. Furniture dealers, stationery, household shops, gift shops, florists and shopping icons like KaDeWe successfully sell PHILIPPI's design products. In addition, the classy and useful everyday companions from Hamburg can be found in over 90 countries worldwide, e.g. B. France, Japan, the USA, Colombia, Dubai, recently also in Moscow and Chile. There's even PHILIPPI in the Museum of Modern Art in New York!


today and tomorrow


Creativity, courage and a wealth of ideas combined with a healthy Hanseatic merchant spirit have made the PHILIPPI brand what it is today. And anyone who knows PHILIPPI knows: It will continue to be uncompromisingly creative with your own signature and a firm focus on good design. We can hardly wait...

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